How to get a standout business card as a mortgage broker

These days, generating leads rely much more on online engagement, however this does not mean that it’s time to get complacent about your offline brand. Mortgage broking is an incredibly human business that requires brokers build a lot of trust in a short amount of time. Nothing beats an in-person meeting, and when those meetings occur, it’s more important than ever to make the encounter memorable. It is for this reason that we recommend the use of a mortgage broker business card for any professional brokerage.

When you get a business card with our team of designers they’ll make sure that it stands out by turning your brand colours into a CMYK-compatible palette. Next, the team will finesse your design by ensuring it is print-ready with bleed and crop marks for a crisp finish. The right design can be the difference between no result or a lead that can be converted into a sale.

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Benefits of a mortgage broker business card

As a mortgage broker, your business card should be a key part of the marketing materials you use to make an impression. If your prospect is meeting with multiple mortgage brokers, handing them a business card in-person or by mail may result in a much higher likelihood that they will remember who you are and the services you provide.

A mortgage broker business card should therefore serve as a marketing tool to demonstrate your professionalism. Because by handing your business card out, you are giving an unambiguous sign that you’re ready to do business, and the one-on-one nature of that gesture is sure to win over prospects to your mortgage broker business.

Getting professional help to make your mortgage broker business card

There is a big difference between making a business card, and making a great mortgage broker business card. Great mortgage broker business cards go beyond a piece of paper containing your name and phone number; they convey your entire brand identity, letting the receiver feel like they already know you even before soliciting your services. Conversely, a bad business card can ward off clients because low-quality design suggests a low-quality service.

In fact, a study by the Statistical Brain Research Institute found that 72% of people judge a company by the quality of it’s business card making them crucial materials for professionals looking to distinguish themselves from the pack.

Should I use a template to make my mortgage broker business card?

It’s important to hire professional designers with financial service industry experience so you avoid a mortgage broker business card that pushes leads away instead of converting them. Making a business card on a template-based design platform is a reasonable solution, however any print materials made with a template have a limited lifespan because they often fail to fully convey your unique brand and thus fail to differentiate you from your competitors.

Our design team understands the rules and trends that are relevant to the financial services industry. But instead of defaulting to a generic solution, we take the time to understand your business and tailor your mortgage broker business card to you. With over 10 years of experience marketing for mortgage brokers, you can be assured that our business cards will give your business a sophisticated sheen.

How we make mortgage broker business cards

Get in touch

Some mortgage brokers may be weary of the idea of dealing with designers because they are afraid that the process will be cumbersome or become a time-sink. With our team however, we make it as easy as possible and focus on getting you what you want in the fastest way most efficient way. Simply call or email our team to discuss how you want to craft your business card.

Start designing

Next, we will begin designing your logo. We will look at your previous design assets, so we can harmonise your new business card with the rest of your brand. Don’t have much branding? No worries! Our team are experts in taking a mortgage broker business card from concept to reality and are ready to accommodate your business, at whatever stage you find yourself currently.

Iterate and refine

Our team has extensive experience in the mortgage broking industry, meaning we are good at what we do but we also appreciate and understand that feedback and iteration helps us to refine your business card to perfection. We will present your new business card to you for feedback and if you’re not 100% happy with the results, we’ll keep working until you are.

What to include on your mortgage broker business card

The information on your mortgage broker business card is highly dependent on your business needs and offerings. That’s why it’s important to get in contact with our team first, so we can discuss the details that will drive prospects to the next stage of the sales process. However, no matter who you are, mortgage broker business cards will have mainstay elements.

Key details to include on your mortgage broker business card

Your full name
Your title
The name of the business
The business logo
The business website
The business address
Your contact details
Your qualifications

Looking for mortgage broker business card ideas

There is no doubt that the opportunities to meet your prospects face-to-face is dwindling; so when you are able to, make sure you maximise the opportunity for your mortgage broker business. As restrictions are lifted, don’t be caught giving out the same old card which has failed to garner interest in the past. Instead, think of your business card as a key element of your marketing efforts, one that has the potential to keep your business front of mind when the recipient is looking for brokers.

To grow your client list, you must have a great business card that aligns with your brand, but you must also be tactful when distributing your card to potential customers. Here are 3 ideas you can use when you come to designing and using your own mortgage broker business card:

Provide your expertise

Most people think that your mortgage broker business card should only list the basic information of your brokerage. However, the purpose of your business card is to ensure your services are clear and that your contact gets in touch with you. Therefore, consider what counts as key information that can help you stand out from your competition.

Get a professional design

Unless you happen to specialise in design yourself, get a professional design team to design your mortgage broker business card. You need something that makes you look like the professional, and you need to understand the technical aspects of design and print including paper stock and printing finishes. A poorly designed card on low-quality paper does not give the right message about your brand and can work against you.

Be natural when giving your card

When networking, don’t start a conversation for the sole purpose of forcing your card into their hand; have a genuine conversation and listen to their situation and needs. Doing so may give you better insight into the way your mortgage broker business can help them. At the end of the conversation, ask them if you can give them your card, and if they want to converse further, agree on a specific time that you will follow up.

Additional marketing tools: mortgage broker flyers, mortgage broker websites, and financial content marketing

Your brand is shaped by all the different ways you communicate with your audience. There are digital channels, like websites and financial content marketing, and there are offline channels, like business cards, flyers, and even coffee catch-ups. A business card is just one part of a much larger ecosystem of strategies that make your mortgage broker business visible. It’s important that all these channels are visually unified and pushing the same message so prospects will have a familiar experience no matter what way they are connecting with your brokerage. When it comes to customer experience, consistency equals credibility.

Our team is able to take any of your communication channels and elevate it to the level that your business deserves. Marketing for mortgage brokers is an expansive and exciting world; if you’re ready to better your brand, get in touch today.

Taking your digital presence to the next level with a custom website

Most prospects nowadays expect a professional website, yet so many small to medium mortgage brokers do not invest in this essential touchpoint because they do not know where to start. Our simple process, informed by years of designing websites for SMEs in the financial services industry, makes getting your website live a breeze.

If you need a website, we offer both custom designs and website templates tailored to the mortgage broker industry. With our specialised platform, we can provide a fully managed service that ensures you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Website templates for mortgage brokers

For mortgage brokers looking to utilise a mortgage broker website template for their business, we offer a range of pre-built packages that can be tailored to your brand. These mortgage broker websites give you the best of both worlds – a customised solution that saves you time and a cost-effective means to get your digital brand up and running. Now your mortgage broker website can feel as good as a custom website design but at a fraction of the cost.

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Mortgage broker software

As developers with extensive financial services expertise, we can do a lot more than just websites. MBW delivers mortgage broker software tools that can give you an edge over your competition. With our industry partners, we can offer mortgage broker CRM software, industry calculator integrations, and software that boost your lead generation and data analytics capacity. Our tools are perfect for those who want to maximise their digital capacity and leverage incoming data to create value for yourself and your clients.

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Lead generation for mortgage brokers

Lead generation for mortgage brokers is a multi-platform effort that involves synchronising your digital touchpoints to turn visitors who are merely interested into mortgage leads who are ready to engage. As designers, we craft great user experiences that are not only intuitive, but also have the power to convert mortgage broker leads. Our SEO strategy ensures that traffic finds your website when looking for home loans. And we can manage social media and content to consistently deliver value to your audience and prove your status as an industry leader. For mortgage brokers with an affinity for data, we also can seamlessly integrate software that tracks your customer journey as they travel down the sales funnel.

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Mortgage broker logo design

Logos are like a handshake; they often dictate the first impression that customers have of your business. A professionally designed logo secures trust and confidence, which is why you should consider enlisting the help of an expert team if you are currently developing your brand. Most importantly, a logo can be used on all your other communication channels, from websites, business cards, collateral, signage and more. Your logo sets the tone for the rest of your brand, so make sure it can stand the test of time. Contact us today to begin the logo making process.

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Mortgage broker flyers and other collateral

Why not complement your mortgage broker logo and mortgage broker business card with a suite of materials tailored to your brand? By working with our team, we can create other marketing collateral including mortgage broker flyers, letterheads and more. Together these materials can turn your mortgage broking firm from a seemingly small local business to a firm that presents itself like an international expert. This gives your clientele the confidence they are working with a tried and trusted brand.

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Managed IT services

Computers, phones, tablets, servers, routers, firewalls, data storage… the list of components that mortgage brokers need can be head-spinning. When combined with a patchwork of software, vulnerabilities in your system can easily multiply. Instead of a DIY approach for your most business-critical assets, why not engage with us through a managed IT service? We take a proactive approach and implement best practice standards so you can confront cyberthreats instead of being at the mercy of them. Then, we will be there to continuously patch and optimise your IT so you can keep growing your business with confidence.

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Financial content marketing for mortgage brokers

Add value to your customer’s experience through tailored financial content marketing across multiple channels. With our website platform as your foundation, you can start to generate traffic and leads using your social channels and search engine ranking. As part of our financial content marketing service, we can write regular blogs, manage your social media or even create new videos for your business.