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Our web development team is locally based in Sydney, Australia, and can build websites, applications and systems across a wide range of CMS platforms and programming languages. Providing website development services for over 15 years has given us the experience needed to create software and websites for businesses of all sizes.

This means that the things that matter most to businesses including security, robustness and value are at the top of our mind when we are creating a custom web development.

We understand that not all clients will want to use our proprietary platform, and therefore provide the option of working with our team to develop bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements. Get in touch with our team to see which website development service best suits you and your business.

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What our web development service does

There are 3 different and distinct areas to our website development services. Front-end developers need to know different coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They are called front-end developers because they develop what is seen by someone using your website. There are many overlapping aspects between front-end development and website design, however, front-end devs don’t need to know the specific ins and outs of colour theory and UX design.

Next in our website development services, we have backend developers. They are key to making sure your website is able to communicate with servers and allows your website to store data. A back-end dev needs to know another set of coding languages that allows them to develop efficient solutions for your company’s needs.

Finally there are full stack developers. These devs know both front and back-end website development. Full stack developers are a great resource to have as they can ensure that the front-end and back-end are working hand in glove. 

Engaging with our website development service allows all of these developers and web designers to work as a well oiled machine, leaving you to run your business. By providing the expertise of front-end and back-end development, we can get your website up and running and attracting clients within 4 weeks.

Our professional web development services

Custom website development
Fully managed services
Responsive across mobiles and tablets
AWS cloud architecture
Security and disaster recovery
Custom website design
Website analytics and lead tracking
Website uptime monitoring

Wed Design vs Web Dev

Here at MBW, we offer website design services as well as website development services, but what is the difference?

We like to think of your website as a home that needs to be built. When building a home you need an architect, an engineer, builders, project manager and interior designers. Imagine building a house without an engineer or project manager, it would take a long time organising everything and the end result will not be what you want or need. This applies to website development, each area of development is just as important as any other.

At MBW we offer everything you need for your website to be exactly what you envisage, beautifully designed and reliable.

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Keeping your new website up to date

Once the team at MBW has gone through the process of website development for your new website, we provide you with all the tools you need to further update your website. All of our websites use WordPress as their content management system (CMS), allowing complete control over content editing. 

By using WordPress for your CMS, you are using a system that powers 29.3% of the entire internet. This means there are many third party applications, allowing for innovative and unique solutions to any thing you may want or need. On top of this there are blog writing features, providing a way for you website to continuously attract clients and increase your SEO rank on search engines.

At MBW we also offer fully managed support and copywriting capability if you prefer an even more hassle free website development service.

If you have a preferred CMS we are more than happy and capable of creating a custom platform for your needs head over to our custom web development page for more information.

Safe as houses

With everything we do, we hold security at the centre of our values. Our website development company understands that beyond the immediate cost of recovery, the true cost of an unsecure application and system can extend to reputational damage and more.

This is why we make sure to apply strict security standards that treat the security and integrity of our digital solutions with utmost care. As part of our security protocols, we utilise real-time security threat detection, SSL certification and global CDN for high availability so that your website is robust, secure and optimised for your end-users.

Whether you are using one of our platforms or working with our team on a custom web development project, we will make sure that your website and web application is safe at all times.

Uptime application and server monitoring

SSL encrypted certificates

Global content delivery network

Web application firewall

Regular PEM rotation

Scheduled data backups

Disaster recovery

15 years and counting

Our team consists of website designers, website developers, digital strategists and creative artists. More importantly, we are a full-service website development company with a team of experts located in Australia – split across Sydney and Melbourne. When you engage our team for web development services, you are guaranteed quality coding and a quick response time.

With over 15 years experience and thousands of projects to our name, the team are adept at building and developing custom web developments for business use, and have crafted solutions for organisations across Australia. We’ve spent years refining a process that brings great ideas to life. Tested across a vast array of projects and industries, our approach prioritises iteration as we work towards the best solution for the project at hand.

Supporting 100+ Australian businesses