What's involved in your custom website design

When engaging MBW for your custom website design, we take the time needed to know you, your business and your customers, and make sure your custom website design fit you and your business needs.

We make sure that your new custom website is exactly how you envision it by offering a fully managed service, allowing you to change the website by using our unique content management system (CMS). On top of this we also ensure that all of our custom website designs are optimised for mobile and tablets, allowing your customers to have the best experience possible,

By using flexible grids and layouts, all of our custom website designs ensure the user experience on a smartphone, desktop or tablet is cohesive. That means no matter how your customer views your new website, the website will not only look good, it will also work how it is intended.


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Affordable, custom website design 

Getting a new custom designed website can seem like a daunting task. How do you bring the vision you have to life? How do you know your chosen custom website designer that is receptive to your input and feedback? How can you make sure that your website is working for you without being a money pit?

That is why when you choose MBW for you custom website design services, you receive an all-inclusive custom design from the get go. On top of this, we also ensure you are never left high and dry by being able to provide assistance whenever you need and ongoing website maintenance once it is up and running.

We provide these services so that you have confidence in your new website to be an investment into your future and because we know that you need a return on your investment. On top of this, we also provide the best services possible as we believe in a mutually beneficial partnership. If you are happy with your new website, we know that this can not only benefit you, it will also benefit us in the long run.


Why custom website design is important

Website design isn’t only art, there is also science behind the design. By using a professional, custom web design service you know that your website will be reaching its full potential. But how do you know that your custom website is working for you? The team at MBW know what it takes to make sure your website reaches the right audience and looks good while doing it. 

User Experience (UX)

When you engage a custom web design service to make you new website, you expect it to be beautifully designed. But a well designed website is more than just aesthetics. The user experience (UX) plays an important part of a well designed website. From the get go, our team has UX front of mind.

Your custom website design should be more than the sum of its parts, with each component improving the overall design and experience. With so many intertwining parts to keep track of, custom web design can quickly becoming a burden if you are trying to undertake it yourself. That’s where our team can help, by getting to know your potential customer base we can help target and improve the user experience with our over 15 years of award winning website design.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

One way to target your customer base and expand upon it is to make sure your website ranks well in web searches. That’s why with our custom website design services, SEO is an integral part our process from the start. By making sure your website is optimised for search engines it means that your website is reaching the widest audience possible. This in turn drives more traffic to your website, giving you greater chance of turning these leads into clients or customers.

With our unique content management system (CMS) utilising the WordPress platform, you have the ability to test and change different designs to find out what works best for your business. With almost a third of all websites using the WordPress platform, you know that you are onto a winner.


What's included with your custom website design service

Unique design and content
Responsive across mobiles and tablets
Website analytics and lead tracking
Blog features and write ups
SSL encrypted security
Website uptime monitoring
CRM integration and SEO tools
Integrated online forms

Insights into custom website design services

Over the last 15 years MBW has been involved in custom website design, we have made thousands of websites for a range of different clients. That has allowed us to analyse the data to learn the ways that user engagement has changed over time. A key finding from this analysis is that the amount of visitors from portable devices, smart phones and tablets, has grown year-on-year by an average of 2-5%. This is a significant increase, there is still a large proportion of customers using desktops, meaning that we need to give equal weight to all platforms

As mentioned, WordPress powers 29.3%% of the entire internet. With this popularity comes the abundance of third party integrations and plugins that can help to reduce costs and time during the design phase. All third party plugins we use are vetted to ensure your custom website design has no vulnerabilities and are actively support by their creators. On top of this, we have also restricted the back end of WordPress into MVC format to make it indiscernible to would-be attackers. This provides the security of the MVC framework with the usability of WordPress.

In modern website design, the application of mechanisms for adaptive learning is one of the most important aspects. This is done via collection of data to better formulate recommendations and measure performance. What we are trying to do is to ensure that there is a priority of data capture at every stage of the user’s journey. On top of this, we need to integrate this ability into your custom web design as well as third party analytics tools. This gives us greater flexibility with usable design, allowing your website to always be working for you.


Content management system

After the team at MBW has designed your custom website for you, we make sure you have all the tools you need so that you can update your website as you see fit.  Every custom website design we create comes with a built in content management system (CMS) that makes content editing as easy as possible.

Also, as part of our custom website designs service, we offer ongoing maintenance and technical support, meaning that you can expand your website knowing that it is safe and secure. If you are after an even easier option, we also offer a fully managed support and content creation, using experience of 15 years in creating websites.

Website designers for over 15 years

Our team consists of website designers, website developers, digital strategists and creative artists. More importantly, we are a full-service website development company with a team of experts located in Australia – split across Sydney and Melbourne. Therefore, when you engage our team for web design services, you are guaranteed to have a beautifully designed website that is sure to wow your clients.

With over 15 years experience and thousands of projects to our name, the team are adept at building and designing custom website designs for business use, and have crafted solutions for enterprise organisations across Australia.

Over the years we have spent time refining our processes to help bring your great ideas to life. Through testing in many industries and projects, our approach prioritises iteration as we work to ensure the best design solutions for the project.

Other website services

Need any other website services? At MBW we are more than just website designers. With a team of digital strategists, web developers and  graphic artists as well as our web designers, we offer a complete suite of website services including, website development, strategy and turn-key solutions.

These services can help your business achieve its full potential and ensure that whatever solution you and your business is looking for, it is ready for both consumer and commercial use.

Custom web design and development

Create a custom web development and design that perfectly fits your business needs and helps to achieve your full potential. By choosing a custom build, each solution is tailored to your particular needs, including framework, integrations and language.

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Custom web development

Taking an approach based on an iterative development methodology, our award winning website development services can help you capture a new audience, maximise your conversion rates or increase bottom line. With more than 200 happy clients, we know we can work with you to create amazing websites and work you are proud to have.

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