Custom web development for businesses

Our custom web development service allows you to control exactly what features and functionality you want developed. Whatever the application or program you envisage, our team is able to provide an innovative and robust solution to your problem.

How can we guarantee this? Our team of experts are highly experienced in multiple languages, systems and frameworks, including experience in cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This means that not only are we are able to architect solutions tailored to your unique business needs, we also have experience in creating long-lasting solutions that scale.

Furthermore, on top of custom website development, our team also consists of website designers, creative artists and digital strategists, meaning our custom web development can be complimented by a comprehensive suite of web design and UX services to give your website the look and feel it needs to ensure it is a success.

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Web development company with 15 years experience

Business owners and managers are well aware that time is money. This is why the website development service we provide focuses on making the development process easy and efficient. By working with our team of experts to create your custom web development, it allows you to focus on other business matters.

With over 15 years of experience as a web development company, we know what it takes to properly deliver custom web development to enterprise and SME clients. This experience as a web development company has given us essential knowledge about the best ways to develop solutions in a manner that is sustainable and focused on the long-term. In fact, our experience is one of the main reasons why customers continue to work with us. With a proven track record and client base ranging from government, banks and finance organisations we are well equipped to deal with projects that are mission critical.

What's involved in custom web development

If you are interested in partnering with MBW for your custom web development, a consultant can get in touch to find out about your business requirements. From there, a proposal is put together along with a technical specifications document detailing the requirements relative to functionality.

Each website development project we take on is unique in its own way and the only way to know the best technology stack to use is to take the time to know your business as well as you. The team is well verses in both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, as well as ample experience in a multitude of languages and frameworks.

Once the team is aware of your business objectives and requirements, we can assist in creating an outline that will step out the process to get your custom web development from documentation to delivery.

Our custom web development services

Custom website development
Fully managed services
Responsive across mobiles and tablets
AWS cloud architecture
Security and disaster recovery
Custom website design
Website analytics and lead tracking
Website uptime monitoring

Custom web development with a focus on security

A core tenet of the team at MBW is that a secure application is a good one. Therefore, every custom website development we build is considered in the context of security and risk management. Part of this ethos extends to our preference to host and manage the infrastructure of any custom web development we build. This allows our team to become a single point of contact for queries or concerns regarding your website development.

Furthermore, our server architecture utilises cloud solutions under a multi-tier architecture. Taking this modular approach gives strict control over all connection interfaces and allows for a separation of any application and its respective data.

As a website development company, we use real-time security threat detection, SSL certification and global CDN distribution for high availability so that every website we develop is not only secure, but optimised for use in a global environment.

Uptime application and server monitoring

SSL encrypted certificates

Global content delivery network

Web application firewall

Regular PEM rotation

Scheduled data backups

Disaster recovery

Content management system

As part of our deliverables, once our team has built your custom web development, we give you everything you need to update the content of your application on the go. We know that waiting on a third party to change a link or an image can be cumbersome, which is why all of our custom website developments utilise an in-built content management system (CMS).

In addition, our custom website development services also include ongoing technical support and maintenance, allowing you the option of set-and-forget when it comes to application updates and security. For an even more hassle-free experience, we also offer content production capabilities alongside our custom web development services for clientele that wish to take advantage of our fully managed service.

Analytics on your custom website development

One of the most important aspects of modern web design and development is the application of mechanisms for adaptive learning. This entails the collection of data which can be used to measure performance and formulate recommendations for future iterations. Such analytics is crucial to determining the success of your custom web development, and quantifying return on investment.

During the development process, our team are able to incorporate features that will help you to track key data points in order to use the data collected to guide future iterations. The key goal when capturing data is to ensure that the data is accurate and relevant.

Having created custom website developments for over 15 years, the team are well placed in setting up the right functions and software to provide data that is objective driven, leading to insights that can be acted upon by the business unit.

Other website services

Here at MBW, we not only offer our website developers for your custom website development or website development services, we also provide a complete suit of website services, including custom website design, turn-key solutions and digital strategy.

With these additional services, we can take your business to the next level and make sure whatever website, platform or product you need is ready for consumer and commercial use.

Web design and development

Create a web design and development that increases your potential and solves the issue at hand. With our website design and development services your website can be up and running without the extended timeframe.

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Custom website design services

Our award winning custom website design services utilise an approach based on design-thinking methodology, ensuring that we can help you captivate your audience, maximise you conversion rates or increase your bottom line. We are confident that our experience with over 200 happy clients can allow our team to collaborate with you to create an amazing custom website and work you are proud of.

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