What is a web developer?

First of all, let’s tell you what web developers actually do. Front end web developers are responsible for what is seen by someone using your website. There are many overlapping aspects between front-end development and website design, however, front-end developers don’t need to know the specific ins and outs of colour theory and UX design.

Next are backend web developers, they are key to making sure your website is able to communicate with servers and allows your website to store data. A back-end dev needs to know another set of coding languages that allows them to develop efficient solutions for your company’s needs.

Finally there are developers that are responsible for cloud computing and hosting capabilities. With their expertise they ensure the durability and uptime capabilities of web applications.

At MBW, our team has more than 15 years of experience as web developers, working on thousands of projects across multiple industries. This has given us insights and data that we use to continually improve and update our processes. As the saying goes, everyday is a school day, and we are always learning.

Why use web developers

In this day and age where everyone can make a website using online systems, why do you need a web developer at all? That is true, to an extent, however if you want anything more than the simple drag and drop website design, you will need a web developer.

On top of this, web developers are essential to making sure that your website is optimised and secure from the backend as well. Without the specialised knowledge of different coding languages, ensuring the cloud computing and hosting capabilities.

On top of this, web developers know what works and what looks good. Having a team of web developers in Sydney, we are able to provide you with the best possible experience and help your vision for your website come to life.

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What our team of web developers do

When partnering with MBW and our team of web developers in Sydney, we make sure a consultant gets in touch with you and learns about your business and website requirements. After this, we formalise a proposal along with all the technical nitty gritty detailing a full list of requirements to functionality.

Each website development project we take on is unique in its own way and the only way to know the best technology stack to use is to take the time to know your business as well as you. The team of web developers is well versed in both Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, as well as ample experience in a multitude of languages and frameworks.

Once our team of web developers knows your business requirements and objectives, they are more than equipped to create an outline that and go through the entire process step by step with you. 

Our team of web developers experience

HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Version Control and Git
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Rest API

Analytics on your web development

One of the most important aspects of modern web design and development is the application of mechanisms for adaptive learning. This relies on collecting and analysing data that is both accurate and useful. Such analytics is paramount to determining the success of your web development, and quantifying return on investment.

During the development process, our team of web developers are able to incorporate features that will help you to track key data points in order to use the data collected to guide future iterations. The key goal when capturing data is to ensure that the data is accurate and relevant.

With our team of custom web developers that have more than 15 years of experience, we are well placed to bring your vision to fruition and provide analytical data that can help your website achieve the objective you have laid out.


Locally based web developers

Our team of web developers are locally based in Sydney, providing expertise in building websites and maintained systems across a wide range of programming languages. Providing website development services for over 15 years has given us the experience required to create tools for businesses that are optimised for a wide range of businesses. This means that the things that matter most to businesses including security, value and robustness are always at the fore when our team of web developers create you website or application.

We understand that not all clients are satisfied with off-the-shelf solutions, with some looking something a bit more custom, based off their specific needs. This is why we provide the option of working collaboratively with our development team to create bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements. Get in touch to see how our web developers can help.

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Other website services

Here at MBW, we not only offer our website developers for your custom website development or website development services, we also provide a complete suit of website services, including custom website design, turn-key solutions and digital strategy.

With these additional services, we can take your business to the next level and make sure whatever website, platform or product you need is ready for consumer and commercial use.

Custom web development

Taking an approach based on an iterative development methodology, our award winning website development services can help you capture a new audience, maximise your conversion rates or increase bottom line. With more than 200 happy clients, we know we can work with you to create amazing websites and work you are proud to have.

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Web design and development

Create a web design and development that increases your potential and solves the issue at hand. With our website design and development services your website can be up and running without the extended timeframe.

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