Lead generation for mortgage brokers in Australia

Before you start generating mortgage broker leads, you must have a clear idea on who your customers are and how you can reach them. To use a fishing analogy, you need to know what species you are targeting and apply bait to attract that kind of fish.

Focus your lead generation efforts

Mortgage leads are no different. Customers who are looking for loans and refinancing exist across many channels and you have to think carefully about how you approach them. While it is possible to generate qualified mortgage broking leads across offline and online mediums, we recommend businesses focus their efforts for better results.

Digital is best for lead generation

Using digital channels as a source of lead generation for mortgage brokers is an effective strategy for mortgage lead generation in Australia. This is because a large portion of Australians have access to the internet, and they also frequently use online sources for research and purchasing.

MBW is able to support your firm’s efforts to generate mortgage broker leads. To get started, we recommend an initial consult with the team along with an audit of the tools you are already using to generate leads for mortgage brokers.

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What are qualified mortgage leads

Mortgage broker leads are customers that are willing to share their information with your business. A mortgage lead can be split into two types – unqualified and qualified mortgage leads.

Qualified mortgage broker leads are defined as leads that provide in-depth information, and as a result have a greater chance of converting into a sale. This information could include the urgency of request, a person’s contact preference or the requested borrowing amount for example.

If a mortgage lead is not qualified it may have a lower chance of conversion, and as a result may not necessitate the same level of priority. This is why when we work with mortgage brokers we always focus on generating qualified mortgage broker leads for their business to ensure ROI.

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How we generate your business new mortgage leads

Lead generation for mortgage brokers has previously relied on word of mouth, however more recently, digital strategies have started to replace the old ways of generating mortgage leads due to the return on investment that mortgage brokers are experiencing online. One of the primary reasons for this is that website visitors can be easily tracked across an online funnel to determine key metrics that can support the sales process.

Websites Optimised for Lead Generation

To help mortgage brokers with generating leads online we offer professional mortgage broker websites optimised for lead generation. This means that when a visitor enters your website, you know that it is is specifically optimised for turning that visitor into a mortgage lead.

We do this by following key principles of mortgage broker lead generation including creating conversion-optimised user experiences, content written to persuade audiences to take up your service, and analytical iteration to constantly learn from the data your website produces.

Sustainable mortgage lead generation

Often the best lead generation approach for mortgage brokers is the one that is most sustainable. This means complimenting your paid marketing with a longer-term strategy of organic mortgage lead generation.

By providing a turn-key solution that includes website design, lead generation features and strategic input, we give each mortgage broking business the best chance of generating mortgage leads. This way, we are able to fully manage your ecosystem including monitor your traffic, give insight into how that traffic is performing once it reaches your website, and finally develop a sales funnel that converts website users into leads.

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Using content marketing to generate mortgage leads

Beyond paid mortgage broker marketing campaigns such as those run on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, having the right content strategy can help you significantly with your organic mortgage broker leads generation. A content architecture organised according to your business’ expertise for example, can be the difference between a website that generates no mortgage broker leads and a high performing one.

In order to know how to best use content to generate mortgage leads, mortgage broking firms can work with our team to identify an appropriate strategy. We also provide free guides with information on how to make a mortgage broker marketing plan for brokers that are looking for an introduction to online marketing.

At MBW, we offer a variety of business solutions for mortgage broker lead generation including website templates or customised website designs for mortgage brokers, with each website also having content creation included in the package.

A call to action (CTA) is a part of your website that is optimised to attract visitors to ‘take action’ by submitting a form or getting in touch.

It can be as simple as a button worded as ‘Sign Up’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Learn More’. The key is to be concise and appeal to what the customer needs, as well as be clear on what the customer is getting when they take action.

As a mortgage broker, you may ask customers to get in contact with your form for an obligation free quote to enhance your lead generation opportunities. By having a well-worded CTA you can increase your mortgage broker leads, expanding your potential customer pool to those potential customers that may be interested but not quite ready.

The form is one of the most important aspects of any content marketing strategy.

If your CTA only leads to your contact details, most customers will just move on as they may not want to engage with high commitment activities such as phoning or coming to your physical address. This may be the case even if they are extremely interested in your product because sometimes a phone call is too much of an inconvenience or commitment.

The solution to this is having lower engagement touch points such as forms that allow users to provide you with data relevant to their needs, but puts the onus on you to get in touch.

By having forms that collect information such as contact number, email address and additional information that is relevant to assess a customer’s financial situation – such as potential mortgage amount – you can help narrow down your incoming leads to those that are qualified mortgage leads while making it easy for potential customers to get in touch.

A mortgage lead can be attracted to your website from many sources including a blog post, write up about your business or even an external review. By having different kinds of content you give your website the greatest chance of ranking highest on search engines.

For businesses that are specifically focused on lead generation for mortgage brokers, the only way to ensure a high rank is to have quality content that is kept up-to-date and relevant.

Through a website platform such as the one MBW provides, your business can have the means to edit and create new content that can in turn support your lead generation efforts. This is why we provide a content management system (CMS) as part of every website solution. The CMS allows you to produce mortgage broker marketing ideas such as monthly or quarterly updates on home loans and RBA movements, as well as maintain your content without having to engage a 3rd party. By doing these things consistently you are ensuring Google continues to index your website and improve your ranking for mortgage broker leads in Australia.

Also included in our website platform is the ability to create custom meta tags and titles for each website page. This means that you can generate mortgage leads on a page level as well as a website level.

With the right strategy, your website can be attracting mortgage leads from all over, and furthermore, by cross-linking each page you can drive traffic from one page to another. Each page can thus act as a landing page for specific phrases or keywords you wish to target during your mortgage broker lead generation plan.

The result is a website optimised for mortgage broker lead generation that works for your business to organically generate new leads and sales over time.

Customised mortgage broker lead generation services

Website design and user experience review

As part of generating mortgage leads in Australia, it is imperative that your website is designed to increase your conversion rate from visitors to leads, and leads to sales. This in effect means that your online user experience needs to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also created with the intent of encouraging website audiences to get in contact.

There are a number of different techniques that can be used to improve conversion rates across your website in order to generate qualified mortgage broker leads. This can include writing your content to be catchy and credible, designing your forms to remove unnecessary fields, adding credibility indicators such as testimonials, logos and reviews, as well as strengthening your call-to-action copy.

As part of our website design service we provide this expertise and advice to your business, and work with you to completely refine your user experience based on your objectives and sales targets. By focusing on your website UX you can often generate quick wins that directly contribute to bottom line.

Enhance website performance

Apart from making sure your website has the right user experience, it is also imperative that the technical aspects of it are in order. By enhancing and optimising your website’s performance you can directly impact it’s ranking across search engines, and indirectly affect the conversion rate of users to leads. 

Enhancing website performance may include an analysis of page speed, optimisation of infrastructure security and the indexing of your website across corporate channels including social media and Google Business Listing. By doing so, we make sure that your content and system architecture is refined for page load, ensure that pages are loaded within seconds of a page request, and that each web page is monitored for uptime and accessibility. 

Primarily, this process safeguards against any technical blockers that may prevent potential customers from finding your website, and in doing so complement any marketing and mortgage lead generation efforts you may have in place to generate qualified mortgage broker leads.

Search engine optimisation for mortgage leads

Another service that we use to increase mortgage broker lead generation for brokers is search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is about improving your ranking on Google or Bing when someone searches key terms such as “Mortgage Brokers Sydney” by creating content that aligns with your target audience. While optimisation and website design services work to curate the traffic that is already on your website, SEO centres around generating new traffic relevant to your lead generation for mortgage brokers.

As part of our SEO service, the team work with clients to develop a mortgage broker lead generation strategy around targeted keywords and audiences, in the process giving you a clear indication of keyword difficulty and the average volumes you can expect. By optimising your website for these specific keywords rather than a broad range of keywords, you can concentrate on the phrases you expect to deliver qualified mortgage broker leads relevant to your business.

An example of a key phrase that is too common would be the search term “mortgage broker”. By itself this represents a search string that is overly generic, and while this may correlate to an increase in visitors, it may not necessarily increase the mortgage leads generated for your mortgage broking firm. Furthermore, as this is a search term with over 10,000 searches it is also highly competitive.

A more targeted alternative could be the keyword search “mortgage broker in Surry Hills”. In this instance, while the monthly searches may be lower, the search intent behind the key phrase is highly relevant to lead generation for mortgage brokers, and any mortgage in Surry Hills could expect to generate mortgage leads from the respective traffic that came with ranking for the key phrase.

Applying this strategy across your entire SEO will allow you to position your brokerage from a point of difference as new visitors come to your website looking for a mortgage broker who can address their specific query.

Generating mortgage leads on social media

While lead generation for mortgage brokers can often rely on word of mouth, there is a growing need to regularly engage audiences in organic ways for brand recall. This is where social media can play a crucial part in the overall lead generation ecosystem as it supports both offline and online mortgage lead generation.

Since the introduction of social media, more mortgage brokers have been using it to boost their brand and reach new audiences. Through the use of both organic posts and paid ads on social media, mortgage brokers can boost their mortgage broker lead generation efforts to a larger audience across Australia, attracting new mortgage leads from networks you would otherwise not have access to.

MBW offers two forms of social media services, the first being the initial setup and design of your social media page, while the second is a fully managed service. As part of our fully managed service, MBW can even manage your social media channels on an ongoing basis including management of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Furthermore, as part of our management service, we provide detailed reporting at the end of every month to assess the returns from each campaign and recommend improvements going forward.

Nurturing mortgage leads through online tools

Your mortgage leads may not be ready to become a customer instantly when they first get in touch. This is why you have to take them on a journey. For mortgage brokers who operate on a trail basis, you will empathise with the idea that your long-term customers are your most valuable ones. 

The ability to track your leads as they progress through your mortgage broker leads generation sales funnel is essential. Having insightful website analytics is key to ensuring your website is performing in a manner that will generate you mortgage leads. With the ability to integrate CRM services and more, the mortgage broker websites we offer are great for managing your business’ interaction with customers as they get in touch.

Converting mortgage leads into customers

So your website has 1,000’s of visitors every month, but you don’t have any mortgage broker leads. What’s happening to them between visiting your website and leaving? Having traffic doesn’t necessarily result in mortgage leads.

If this problem is happening to your business, it means that the visitors you are attracting either do not know what they need, or don’t understand what your company is offering, leading to a waste of both yours and the customer’s time.

This is where a professional mortgage broker website can help. By offering an expertly designed website optimised for mortgage broker lead generation, a customer is able to clearly find what you are offering them, subsequently increasing the probability of converting the lead into a sale. Our team can work with you to ensure that your mortgage broker marketing initiatives and website are all in sync with each other, so that the traffic you generate turns into customers.

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Dedicated team with over 15 years experience

Having a dedicated and professional team of website designers and developers can provide you with the best mortgage broker website to help you attract and maintain happy customers.

With the ability to  integrate CRMs, add and edit content to provide visitors with the latest industry news, and create a consolidated mortgage broker marketing solution, our custom designed mortgage broker websites are the perfect solution for your mortgage broker leads generation.


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Mortgage broker customers choose broker services because of the support provided during the mortgage application process. In a similar fashion, we provide mortgage brokers with the right tools and support to help them during the website design and development process, and beyond – helping with lead generation for mortgage brokers.

Having a mortgage broker website is a great way to provide ongoing support with the ability to keep track of customers with CRMs, online chats and many other strategies.

With both mortgage brokers and direct to lender customers, loyalty was a big driving factor. However, with 13% and 20%, respectively, of customers willing to look at another avenues for future purchases there is potential for your business to grow.

This shows it is not just enough to maintain your current customers, but you must also be actively looking for new mortgage leads in order to grow your business. Having a professionally designed, easy to use mortgage broker website is an essential part of any mortgage broker marketing strategy for attracting new clients.

While 95% of customers using either mortgage brokers or going direct to lenders use face to face throughout their mortgage process, 30% said they would consider using a fully online process in the future. This is a potential new growth avenue for any mortgage broker website to harness. Even just having the infrastructure available to implement this change in attitude will be an advantage. 

Ensuring that you have a professional website design will help you with your mortgage broker lead generation initiatives for years to come. Put the right foundation in place and future proof your mortgage broker lead generation.

A whopping 30% of mortgage broker customers did not understand or have it explained to them how the broker was actually paid. Imagine if 30% of brides didn’t understand how their wedding planner gets paid. You need to be clear with your customers, especially new customers, how you are being paid and why they should be paying you for your services. 

By having a mortgage broker website you can guide the customer about why they need and how you are remunerated so there is no confusion. Your content can drive your mortgage lead generation for you, without you having to speak a word. It’s also a perfect way to directly engage with potential customers you don’t even exist, driving more mortgage leads to your page!

Mortgage broker leads in Australia

While the methods of generating leads is applicable no matter where you are in the world, MBW specialises in mortgage broker leads in Australia. This is because we believe in supporting Australian SMEs in their efforts to become better businesses.

If you already have a great website getting your business new mortgage leads then it is easy to get comfortable in success. But it’s no time to rest on your laurels – there is always room to improve. A website is very much like a garden, without ongoing maintenance and care it can quickly become overgrown and unproductive.

How can you tell if your website is failing into this trap? Our team offers Australian mortgage brokers free consultation and advice on how to consistently improve their website performance and lead generation. Part of this entails an audit of your current performance, and time with our team to understand your business goals. As well as website design, we also offer custom web development and the ability to integrate into industry aggregator systems – so no matter your needs, we are able to help. To learn more about how we can improve you generate mortgage broker leads in Australia, get in touch.

Website design for mortgage brokers

Websites are the cornerstone of inbound lead generation in the 21st century. It is the digital home of your business; the place where your mortgage leads go to be convinced of your suitability and professionalism. Without it, your business is stuck at the back of the queue, behind every other mortgage broker in Australia who has an online presence. You may be making your first website, or you have a website that needs to be upgraded, or you have a website that is good looking but fails to generate mortgage broker leads. Whatever your situation, MBW can create a website for you that will draw fresh mortgage broker leads in Australia through search engine optimisation and smart content strategy.

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Mortgage broker software

If you want to scale your mortgage broker lead generation, it’s time to invest in software that organises and analyses data that your business naturally generates. Without the proper insight into the clients that you serve (or mortgage leads seeking your services), you will be providing a sub-par customer experience. We integrate industry standard CRM and analytics software—specifically designed with lead generation for mortgage brokers in mind—into your existing digital systems. Security is at the heart of MBW, so your data and your client’s data will be protected by protocols like real-time threat detection, data encryption, and global CDN (content delivery network).

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Mortgage broker logo design

People are persuaded by businesses that have a consistent look and feel. Consistency suggests legitimacy, and legitimacy creates trust; an indispensable ingredient for generating mortgage broker leads in Australia. A professionally designed logo is not just a pretty picture. It’s a distillation of your business values and the insignia that ties everything together to create the consistency that converts visitors into mortgage broker leads. A generic logo suggests a generic business, so partnering with designers who understand your business and how to design for mortgage broker lead generation is a must.

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Mortgage broker business cards

When thinking about lead generation for mortgage brokers, some believe business cards are irrelevant because of the primacy of online engagement. In fact, today’s digital-centric world provides a fantastic opportunity for your business card to be a point of difference between you and your competitors as you fight for mortgage leads in Australia. Mortgage broker leads are faced with a dizzying number of options when looking for the right mortgage broker, so a simple mortgage broker business card handed in-person or by mail can be the personal touch that convinces mortgage leads of your suitability. A bespoke business card is an elegant, efficient, and non-pushy way of mortgage broker lead generation, so contact us today to create your new business card.

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Managed IT services

If you generate lots of high quality leads and turn them into clients, you’ll quickly gain visibility in the market. This is great news, but it may turn your business into a target for hackers who know that you hold valuable financial data. If an IT breach does occur, your business’s reputation suffers. This is why we help SMEs stay protected by partnering with them as their managed IT services provider. We make sure that your virtual and physical workspaces are configured to minimise vulnerabilities, loopholes, and downtime so you and your team can work from anywhere without worry.

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Mortgage broker flyers and other collateral

If you need mortgage broker flyers or other marketing materials in order to generate mortgage leads in Australia, trust designers who have experience in the financial service sector to deliver the right solutions for you. Our flyers aren’t just beautiful; they are designed with mortgage broker lead generation and conversion firmly in mind. If you’re resourcing for a marketing campaign, we can adjust flyers to suit your strategic goals.

Templates may be cheap or free, but there is no guarantee that they are compliant. MBW understands ACCC guidelines and regulation for financial marketing, and can deliver compliant flyers that are unique and are truthful to your brand.