What is Lead Generation for Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage broker leads are potential customers that share their contact information with your business and request to be contacted.  They can be broken down into two broad categories – unqualified and qualified mortgage leads.

A qualified mortgage lead can broadly be defined as leads that provide greater information beyond simply contact details, and can help you prioritise or gauge the quality of the lead based on a customer’s perceived necessity, budget and their financial circumstances.

Attracting customers that don’t provide this information may be classified as an unqualified lead, simply because they require a follow up conversation to gauge their interest and appetite for your service.

We Help You Find The Right Customer

Before you even attempt to generate leads for your mortgage broking practice, you must have a clear idea on who your potential customers are. To use a fishing analogy, you need to know what species you are targeting.

Using the wrong bait might attract a lot of fish, but not necessarily the right ones.

As a mortgage broker, the leads you are looking for are essentially broken down into first home buyers, investors and people looking to refinance. Between these audiences there are varying expectations and needs.

Understanding what each of these potential customers want will help you build a strategy around attracting them on a regular basis. Focusing your efforts on one group is a great way to start your mortgage broker marketing strategy and test your return on investment.

Generating Mortgage Broker Leads

Creating new broker leads has previously relied on word of mouth and through print media, however more recently digital and online strategies have started to replace the old ways due to their cost-effectiveness.

One of the primary reasons for this is that digital traffic can be measured and analysed to determine not only a visitor’s potential value, but also the likelihood of turning visitors into customers. Having an online digital strategy executed correctly can also level the playing field when it comes to competing with other brands with bigger budgets.

To help mortgage brokers with generating leads online we offer professionally designed mortgage broker websites optimised for lead generation. This means that when a visitor enters your website, you know that it is optimised to turning that visitor into a qualified lead.

Search Engine Optimisation

Another way that we can increase your mortgage broker leads is through search engine results or search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is about improving your ranking on Google or Bing when someone searches long-tail key terms such as “Mortgage Brokers Sydney”.  This helps to make sure you are getting qualified mortgage leads looking for mortgage broker services. By optimising your website for specific keywords you are ensuring you are not wasting your time chasing leads that have a low probability of becoming a sale. 

The key for lead generation for mortgage brokers is to ensure that the potential lead lands on has the information that they are looking for, and that you focus on long-tail keywords that offer specificity of intent. 

An example of this would be if a potential client decides they want a mortgage broker, so they search “mortgage broker”. This is a highly competitive search term with over 10,000 searches , you’ll be a small fish in a big pond. However, if you target a more specific keyword search such as “affordable mortgage broker Sydney”, all of the sudden the pond has gotten a whole lot smaller allowing your business greater prominence.

Long tail keywords often have less traffic going to them, but are more targeted and attract a visitor base that you know is in need of your services.

Social Media

Since the introduction of social media, more and more companies have been using it to boost their brand. Lead generation for mortgage brokers can often rely on word of mouth, but it also relies on brand recognition. Through the use of ads on social media we can help boost your mortgage broker business, attracting new mortgage leads.

But which platform is best for attracting leads? That’s where knowing the demographic of each platform comes in handy so you can match the right platform with your target audience.

Our team are experts in creating websites that help with lead generation for mortgage brokers. With over 10 years of experience with website design in the financial industry, we pride ourselves in providing the best websites at a cost effective price. To find out what package best suits your business head over to mortgage broker website design for an obligation free quote today.

Using a Website to Generate Qualified Mortgage Leads

So far we have talked about attracting qualified mortgage leads but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get their contact information to follow up with. There are a few strategies that you can use to get the information you need.

For a more in depth look making the best mortgage broker websites  head over to our guide to mortgage broker websites.

Our team is able to offer a variety of solutions to all your lead generation needs. From template to customised website designs for mortgage brokers, there is a perfect website for your business. All of our solutions have the ability to implement CTAs, forms and content editing with ease. There is no need to know anything about building or designing a website.

A call to action is a part of your website that is optimised to attract visitors to ‘take action’ by submitting a form or getting in touch. They can be as simple as ‘Sign Up’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Learn More’ etc. The key is to be concise and appeal to what the customer needs. As a mortgage broker you may ask customers to get in contact for an obligation free quote. By having a well-worded CTA you can help to increase your mortgage broker leads, expanding your potential customer pool.

The form is the next most important step after your CTA. If your CTA only leads to your contact details, most customers will just move on. This may be the case even if they are interested in your product because sometimes a phone call is too much of a commitment. You want to get your visitor’s information and make it easy for them to give it to you. By using forms with information such as contact number, email address and additional information that is relevant to assess their financial situation – such as potential mortgage amount – you can help narrow down your incoming leads to those that are qualified mortgage leads.

We’ve all heard the adage, but what does it mean? There are a range of benefits to having great content that are key to attracting and keeping customers. A lead can be attracted to your page from a blog post or write up on your website but having up to date information is what will get the lead to click on a call to action and fill out a form.

Another way to keep customers engaged is to ensure high quality content . This can be achieved through including such content initiatives as monthly or quarterly updates on the stock, housing and futures markets on your website. By doing these things consistently you are always front of mind with the customer. 

That’s why we offer a content management system that allows you to add, create and edit new content without the hassle of having to contact a website designer or developer. All you have to do is log in and make the changes you’d like, whenever you want!

Nurturing Leads

Your qualified mortgage leads may or may not be ready to take the plunge and become a customer instantly. This is why you have to take them on a journey. For mortgage brokers who operate on a trail basis, you will empathise with the idea that your long-term customers are your most valuable ones. 

The ability to track the needs of your leads is essential for lead conversion. What is and what isn’t resonating with your website visitors?

Having insightful website analytics is key to ensuring your website is performing in a manner that will generate you mortgage leads. With the ability to fully integrate customer relationship management services, the mortgage broker websites we offer are great for managing your business’ interaction with potential and future customers.

For more in-depth information about successful mortgage broker websites head over to our 10 steps checklist for the best mortgage broker website.

Turning Qualified Mortgage Leads into Customers

So your new website has 1,000’s of visitors every month, but you only see 1 or 2 new qualified leads. What’s happening to them between visiting your website and leaving?  Having unqualified traffic doesn’t necessarily result in qualified leads. If this problem is happening to your business, it means that the visitors you are attracting either do not know what they need, or understand what your company is offering, leading to a waste of both yours and the customer’s time.

This is where a professional mortgage broker website can help. By offering an expertly designed website a customer is able to see quickly and clearly what you are offering them, turning your visitor into a qualified mortgage lead.

Our team can work with your business to ensure that your digital strategy, mortgage broker marketing initiatives and website are all in sync with each other, so that the traffic you generate turns into customers that inquire into your services, which in turn can be converted to a sale.

Simply follow the link to our mortgage broker websites page to receive a free quote today!

Take your Business to the Next Level

A recent study by the MFAA showed that mortgage broker customers are generally more satisfied with their experience than those that go directly to lenders. That’s great news for your business!

Having a dedicated and professional team of website designers and developers can provide you with the best mortgage broker website to help you attract and maintain happy customers. With the ability to  integrate CRMs, add and edit content to provide visitors with the latest industry news, and create a consolidated mortgage broker marketing solution, our template or customer designed mortgage broker websites are the perfect solution for your mortgage broker leads problems.



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Mortgage broker customers choose broker services because of the support provided during the mortgage application process. In a similar fashion, we provide mortgage brokers with the right tools and support to help them during the website design and development process. Customers saw mortgage brokers as sort of a navigator through the whole process, rather than just looking for the cheapest price. 

One finding from the report was that customers choose a mortgage broker service because of the support provided during the mortgage application process.In a similar fashion, we provide mortgage brokers with the right tools and support to help them during the website design and development process. Having a mortgage broker website is a great way to provide ongoing support with the ability to keep track of customers with CRMs, online chats and many other strategies.

With both mortgage brokers and direct to lender customers, loyalty was a big driving factor. However, with 13% and 20%, respectively, of customers willing to look at another avenue for future purchases there is potential for your business to grow. This shows it is not just enough to maintain your current customers, but you must also be actively looking for these mortgage leads in order to grow your business. Having a professionally designed, easy to use mortgage broker website is an essential part of any mortgage broker marketing strategy for attracting new clients.

While 95% of customers using either mortgage brokers or going direct to lenders use face to face throughout their mortgage process, 30% said they would consider using a fully online process in the future. This is a potential new growth avenue for any mortgage broker website to harness. Even just having the infrastructure available to implement this change in attitude will be an advantage. 

That isn’t to say everything has to be online, but some of your services can be done through online CRM portals such as documentation uploads online chats, allowing both you and your customers a more hands on approach.

A whopping 30% of mortgage broker customers did not understand or have it explained to them how the broker was actually paid. Imagine if 30% of brides didn’t understand how their wedding planner gets paid. You need to be clear with your customers, especially new customers, how you are being paid and why they should be paying you for your services. 

By having a mortgage broker website you can guide the customer about why they need you and how you are remunerated so there is no confusion. It’s also a perfect way to have more content on your website, driving more mortgage leads to your page!

Never Stop Growing

You now have a great website, with lots of content and getting new mortgage leads. But it’s no time to rest on your laurels, there is always some way to grow.

A website is very much like a garden, without ongoing maintenance and care it can quickly become overgrown and unproductive. How can you tell if your website is failing into this trap?

With the ability to content write and a content management system as standard, even our silver package will ensure your website doesn’t become stagnant. Our team offers mortgage broker website templates, as well as custom designs, so no matter your needs or budget, there is a mortgage broker website waiting for you.

 To see which package is right for you head over to see our packages and get your free quote.

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